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About Us

BlackPak is developing adsorbed natural gas storage systems for automotive and commercial applications with a target system-level energy density greater than 6 MJ/L at 500 psi pressure. Based on advances in engineered nano-porous materials, the technology enables natural gas to be stored in containers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. Compared to today’s conventional high-pressure compressed natural gas cylinders, this will allow vehicle designers and equipment manufacturers the ability to integrate natural gas systems that conform to the available spaces in light duty vehicles while maintaining maximum functional utility in the form of usable trunk space.

The BlackPak system under development also targets a significantly lower overall cost and can dramatically improve the return on investment potential for light duty natural gas vehicles and similar applications. Low-pressure storage also has the potential to drastically reduce the upfront capital expenditure and operating cost of such systems, as well as simplify the requirements for tank filling appliances, further improving the comparative economics of adsorbed natural gas systems relative to compressed natural gas, gasoline, and diesel.


CEO: Dr. Doug Kirkpatrick

Dr. Kirkpatrick is a proven technology development leader with a track record of driving technology-to-product across a broad range of disciplines including LED products, bio-renewable jet fuel, ultra-high efficiency solar cells, 3d dynamic holographic displays, and rapid de-novo synthesis of DNA.  He has been with Vantage Point Capital Partners, DARPA, Fusion Lighting, and Science Applications International Corporation. Together with his role as CEO of BlackPak he is concurrently a founding General Partner of InnerProduct Partners, a San Francisco based early stage investment firm. Dr. Kirkpatrick holds a BS degree in Physics and Mathematics (1980) from the College of William and Mary and a Ph.D. in Physics from M.I.T. (1988).

CTO: Dr. Peter Haaland

Dr. Haaland is an inventor and applied scientist who manages trans-disciplinary teams to solve urgent technical problems. His work has resulted in new methods for the design and manufacture of anti-reflection coatings on spectacle lenses, ozone-friendly fire suppression systems for aircraft, scalable and secure database architectures, efficient methods of thin-film fabrication for semiconductor manufacture, solar-blind ultraviolet optical filters, and other effective technologies. He served for ten years in the US Air Force and for four as a senior government executive at DARPA and IARPA. Peter has had faculty appointments in Physics and Neurology. Together with his role as CTO of BlackPak, he is concurrently a founding general partner of InnerProduct Partners, a San Francisco based early stage investment firm. He holds A.B., A.M., and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from Harvard University.