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      From the first day of
      establishment, AMPOC has always been actively playing the role as a communication bridge in the industry of information technology. AMPOC serves the clients from many industries such as PCB, Computer Systems and Communications, Semiconductor (from wafer manufacturing to PKG testing), FPD (precise testing solution for inspection and analysis), MEMS, precision surface treatment. AMPOC is the only supplier which distributes both equipment and materials to clients in Taiwan. AMPOC not only offers integrated and fine technical supports, it also conducts joint development with clients and continually pursues the balance between high-tech and eco-friendly solution. To offer better service to every client, AMPOC also sets up offices in the US, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangdong in China.

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      Company:AMPOC Far-East Co., Ltd.
      Address:17F., No.171, Sung-Teh Road,
      Taipei, Taiwan
      Tel:(02) 2726-2220
      Fax:(02) 2726-2227
      Responsible Person:
      Chairman , Mr. Ronald S. Su
      C.E.O., Mr. Ronald S. Su
      Since:July 1, 1976
      Paid-up Capital:NT$ 1,144 Million

      AMPOC is the first tier marketing company with over 40 years of experience in Taiwan serving the electronic industry and delivering the world class leading products and services.

      AMPOC devotes research and manufacturing in material and equipment through Cooperation Business and Technology Transfer. AMPOC has built up her Service Centers and Distribution Channel in the regions of mainland China and Hong-Kong. We deeply believe that "Economy comes from high value not from low cost, and that Professional Management is based on trust, creativity and reasonable risk taking".

      At AMPOC, responding to the rapid industries' and customers' changes, we must be responsive and agile to overcome overall challenge. This is not only our philosophy but also our commitment. Therefore, we sincerely welcome all excellent equipment and material suppliers to cooperate with us for becoming chief electronic makers in Asia.
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